The Broadband Blueprint: Connect Your Town to the Future

By Chip Pickering

It’s hard to get where you are going if you don’t know how to get there. I hear that a lot from mayors and local city officials who desperately want to connect their communities to better broadband. The kind that is faster, more affordable and closes the digital divide for millions of families stuck in urban deserts and rural dead zones.

America has learned some hard truths during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our work, our schools and our lives have changed. For most of us, but tragically not all…

By Chip Pickering

COVID-19 has focused the spotlight on our nation’s problems with the digital divide. Stories of parents driving their children to library parking lots for Wi-Fi access underscore our failure and must drive America toward new solutions. Fast.

INCOMPAS represents new entrants in the communications marketplace who seek to provide new technologies and disruptive services, challenging old technology favored by large incumbents. More competition breeds innovation and is critically important to local communities and industries. Now, anytime disruption is mentioned, legacy, special interests get scared. They scramble and resort to tired old lobbying tactics seeking to prevent new…

By Chip Pickering

This summer, the fight to save broadband competition is critical. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will make key decisions that could reshape your broadband choices, speeds and price — both at home and at work.

Who doesn’t want more competition? Big telecom monopolies.

USTelecom, the trade association representing AT&T and Verizon, is lobbying the FCC for nationwide forbearance that would end bipartisan competition laws and raise prices.

They are using bad data, from broken broadband maps, to try and force the FCC to kill competition.

But small, local broadband providers and their customers are fighting back…

By Chip Pickering

It is abundantly clear that there are serious and significant flaws with the current state of the FCC’s broadband mapping for our nation. Tens of millions of Americans, many living in small towns and rural communities, are being falsely counted as served by high-speed broadband when in fact they are being denied critical internet services and competition that are promised by law.

The FCC’s broadband maps are critical for making policy determinations related to the Universal Service Fund, deployment measures and competition policy. …

Love Streaming? Then Don’t Let Distraction Doom Net Neutrality Legislation

By Chip Pickering

We may finally be getting somewhere in the fight to save net neutrality. Last year we saw the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate pass the Congressional Review Act — calling for the reinstatement of strong net neutrality protections — with key bipartisan support. Now, the Democrats in control of the House have introduced the Save the Internet Act, which will put open internet protections back on the books.

In part, the Congressional urgency to act is being driven by INCOMPAS’s strong day in court earlier this year. We are petitioners, along with leading consumer groups and states, in the…

Wholesale: Competition’s Unsung Hero

By Chip Pickering

Renewed interest in the competition conversations in recent years is a good thing. Mega mergers have profound impacts on our choices, our jobs, and our wallets. But each merger is unique, and each merger deserves rigorous scrutiny.

T-Mobile and Sprint are asking policymakers to bless the marriage of the nation’s third and fourth largest wireless providers. After careful consideration, if the minister were to ask if anyone objects to this union as presented, my hand would have to go up.

By Chip Pickering

A lot of my conservative friends have been asking me about net neutrality lately. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision in December to end two decades of bipartisan open internet policy just isn’t sitting well with our base.

Poll after poll shows that over 80 percent Americans, including conservatives and Trump supporters, want strong net neutrality policies.

Our small businesses are angry and conservative advocates are worried that big cable companies, like Comcast/NBC and AT&T (which is trying to buy CNN), will raise prices even higher and dictate content with gatekeeper powers over the internet.

People, policy and new perspectives. That’s what makes the INCOMPAS Policy Summit the premier event for the tech conversations that are driving the future.

From the Newseum stage in Washington, D.C., this year’s speakers did not disappoint. With topics ranging from broadband deployment and open internet, to 5G and the Internet of Things, it’s clear that competition remains the primary force behind the streaming revolution and the deployment of new networks.

Putting policies that foster innovation and creativity in place is the key to unleashing investment and innovation, creating jobs, and lowering prices for consumers. …

By Chip Pickering
CEO of INCOMPAS, The internet and competitive networks association

Americans are screaming for more broadband competition. That is why reforming the broken business data services market is a national priority. It’s a rigged system dominated by monopoly control and consumers and small businesses are paying the price.

The FCC, now led by Republican Chairman Ajit Pai, recently announced plans to address the business data services (BDS) issue at the Commission’s meeting on April 20th.

Done right, reforming BDS could bring more competition and provide time for a sound technology transition to faster networks. …

By Chip Pickering

On Thursday, we will celebrate the birthday of a great American president, Teddy Roosevelt. Revered for a number of things, the 26th President stands out to me for his role as America’s trustbuster. A man who stood up to the bully of market power in favor of consumers and competition alike.

Chip Pickering

CEO of INCOMPAS, Former Member of Congress (R-MS), Teacher at Ole Miss, Grateful Dad and Step Dad of 5 young men and 3 young women

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